Pool Fencing: Three tips to sleeping well

Worries keeping you awake at night? Counting sheep? At Northside Fencing, taking the worry out of your home gates and fencing is as easy as counting 1, 2, 3.

1. Fully compliant pool fencing

Sleep well knowing that your beautiful, functional and fully compliant Northside Fencing pool fence is keeping your family, friends and neighbours safe.

Your swimming pool adds so much value to your lifestyle and enjoyment of your home. But the only way it can be the fun and safe place you intend it to be is to ensure it is fully compliant with all relevant government safety and protection legislation.

At Northside Fencing, we are expert in compliant pool fencing solutions for every home and every kind of pool and spa. We offer an extensive range of contemporary fencing and gate options that meet all legislative requirements, and our staff are unparalleled in their knowledge and skill to advise you and ensure your full compliance and peace of mind.

We are professionals who care, taking the worry out of your enjoyment of your home swimming pool or spa.

2. Security gates

Rest assured in the knowledge that your security gates are keeping your family and pets safely inside and presenting an effective deterrent to trespassers.

The staff at Northside Fencing can give you expert advice on the types of gate best suited to your needs and your property, including for any special conditions such as sloping ground or tight access. We know that you value security as well as good looks in a gate, and will guide you through to your ideal choice from our myriad options, including custom made gates.

Choose from our extensive range of automated and electric gates, and rejoice in the prices for these, which have significantly reduced in recent years. We will even come to your house for a free on-site assessment of your specific requirements.

Sleep soundly, knowing your Northside Fencing gate is affording you and your family premium security.

3. Termite Buster

No more tossing and turning about termites. Get a restful night’s sleep in the knowledge that your Northside Fencing Termite Buster fences will help preserve the value and integrity of your dwelling.

The south-east corner of Queensland is well-known to harbour destructive termites. Termite Buster is our functional, practical, low-maintenance and long-lasting solution. A revolutionary fencing system that combines treated pine railings and palings with galvanised metal fence posts, Termite Buster gives you the popular timber look but without the sleepless nights over the risk of termite infestation and timber rot.

These stylish fences tick all the aesthetic boxes too, and look just as good with classic Queenslanders as they do with contemporary dwellings.

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