Palisade Fencing

Palisade fencing: a high-security solution

Northside Fencing recommends a palisade fencing solution for your security needs. Palisade fencing has long been used in the UK and South Africa, and has now reached south-east Queensland. The increase in property crimes such as break-and-enter, vandalism and arson has led to a surge in demand for this high-security fencing option. Palisade fencing offers a uniquely secure perimeter system.

Palisade fencing is constructed with a post, rail and paling system that is well-known for offering a highly effective deterrent to intruders.

This option has the great advantage of an anti-climbing profile. We also offer domestic and commercial customers a range of product features and benefits for all the palisade fencing we supply and install.

Palisade fencing features and benefits

  • available in a range of heights and specifications
  • resists climbing, to keep you secure
  • fixings that resist tampering
  • hard-wearing, corrosion-resistant materials
  • straight, curved or multi-directional triple-spiked tops
  • a wide range of colours to choose from
  • possibility of integrating palisades with electric fencing
  • expert installation on level or sloping sites, even very steep ones
  • permanent bolt locking mechanism that eliminates welding

Supply and installation of palisade fencing

Northside Fencing is proud to offer palisade fencing solution that not only offer high-security permanent fencing but also great looks. Never have peace and mind and aesthetics been found together in such harmony.

We offer several standard designs of palisade fencing, and can also manufacture to your unique specifications. Northside Fencing also offers a range of standard palisade gates, or can tailor them to your requirements.

We will fully professionally install your palisade fencing and gates or give you expert support to DIY.

Either way, we make the choice of palisade a simple one for you.

Contact us today for all enquiries about palisade fencing and gates from Northside Fencing.