Fencing Contractor In Morayfield

Are you in need of a fencing contractor in Morayfield? Northside Fencing have been providing residents and businesses in the Morayfield area with premium fencing solutions for over 25 years. Our focus is on quality products and excellent service, providing obligation free quotes for whatever type of fence you are looking for.

Top Fencing Types Installed In Morayfield

While we have a massive range of fencing options we thought it best to take a look at the top 4 fencing types we install in the Morayfield region. Where possible our products are manufactured in our own factory located in nearby Burpengary. This means no job is impossible as we can deliver custom fencing solutions so you can get the exact look you want.

Timber Fencing

When most people think fencing they think timber. With a beautiful natural look and feel timber fencing is a versatile solution that looks great no matter what your properties aesthetic. There are a variety of styles for timber fencing including the traditional picket as well as paling, lapped and the more modern horizontal slats.

Another great feature of timber fencing is the finishing options. You can choose to lacquer and let that natural grain shine through or paint it to match your home’s colour theme. Maintenance does need to be carried out from time to time but it is minimal. All of our timber is treated so it can withstand the rigors of outside living.

Fencing Contractor In Morayfield
Fencing Contractor In Morayfield

Aluminium Fencing

The 2 main types of aluminum fencing we install in Morayfield are pool and slat. Slat fencing is ideal for those wanting some privacy and separation while allowing light and airflow to pass through. There are gaps however which means it may not provide the complete privacy you are looking for. We can establish what spacing best suits your needs to provide the best possible solution.

Our time and experience being a fencing contractor in Morayfield means we have learnt what details are important during installation to ensure longevity. Spacing of posts and proper fixing of slats to the structure are imperative and our excellent fencing contractors have the attention to detail required to do the job right.

Steel Fencing

Steel fencing has seen a boom of sorts lately with the most popular variants being chainwire and Colorbond. Chainwire fencing was originally thought to be a commercial only fence type but it is becoming increasingly more common for residential applications. If privacy is not an issue a chainwire fence is an excellent choice due to its toughness and there are coating options so you can make it your own.

Colorbond is the king of steel and for good reason. It is incredibly tough, the most resilient fencing option out there in our opinion. It has a massive range of colours which means you can style it to suit your property and the coatings they use make it scratch and corrosion resistant.

Fencing Contractor In Morayfield
Fencing Contractor In Morayfield

Glass Fencing

We mentioned before that aluminium fencing is a good choice for pool fencing but the most popular use by far for glass fencing in Morayfield is pool fencing. This is due to the fact that glass fencing lets you keep an eye on what’s happening on the pool with no obstructions and that is great for safety.

Frameless glass fencing is very popular because it lets you enjoy the scenery around your property or pool. The “infinity” feel of frameless glass fencing is both modern and minimalist and we expect this fencing type to continue to grow in popularity as time goes on.

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