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Northside Fencing are pool fencing specialists, providing compliant pool fences across South-East Queensland. With decades of experience and a deep understanding of Queensland pool fencing legislation, we can design the perfect fence to frame your pool and keep everyone safe while enjoying a dip. With our Burpengary factory loaded with quality materials, we can design something that suits your home’s existing aesthetic and cater for any challenges your new fence might present.

In Queensland it is against the law to have a pool present without a fence or barrier. This is to ensure the safety of children and prevent drowning or injury to those playing around it. There are a number of compliance points that must be met in order for your pool fence to be legal and this is where hiring an experienced fencing professional is a must. We are QBCC certified for pool fencing manufacture and installation which means you can rest assured your new pool fence is compliant.

Every pool fence must comply with Queensland Development Code MP 3.4 which can be found by clicking here. Just by having a quick flick through you can see there are many different considerations that need to be made, ranging from height all the way through to what objects are allowed near the fence. New regulations are added to the code from time to time so it’s important to engage a fencing professional that is up to date with the latest version.

What Materials Are Best For Pool Fencing?

There are a few options for materials when it comes to pool fencing but the two most common solutions are glass and aluminium. This is due to the fact that they provide a strong and resilient barrier while also allowing you to see what’s going on in the pool from outside. This further improves the safety the fence provides and helps prevent injury or drowning even when no one is supposed to be swimming.

Glass Pool Fencing

Glass is a great option for pool fencing and is a very common choice for those wanting to preserve views and keep an eye on the pool area at all times. It is stronger than many assume and can be installed as either framed or frameless. For those with “infinity” pools, frameless glass fencing is the best option as it keeps you compliant but doesn’t ruin the effect that your pool type provides.

Aluminium Pool Fencing

Perhaps just as popular if not more than glass fencing, tubular aluminium fencing is a great option for securing your pool. Tubular aluminium is used because it is very strong but also light, making it possible to space it apart and give you complete views of what’s happening within the pool area. It is also a more affordable option compared to glass and can be coated with whatever colour you feel would best suit your home’s look and feel.

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Making sure your pool fence is compliant is not only recommended, it’s required by Queensland legislation. Our decades of experience and complete understanding of this legislation means you can rest assured your new pool fence is not only compliant but built to stand the test of time. We offer obligation free measure and quotes for pool fencing throughout South-East Queensland and our services are available to both residential and commercial clients.

If you are planning for the installation of a pool or want to update your existing pool fence to ensure its safe and compliant, contact Northside Fencing on (07) 3491 4100 to discuss your options with our fencing consultants. You can also contact us online by heading on over to our contact us page and filling in our online form. Save yourself time, headaches and money by entrusting your pool fencing to the experts here at Northside Fencing.

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