Aluminium Fencing – Lightweight But Strong

Aluminium fencing provides fantastic value for money and is an extremely versatile fencing solution. Aluminium is a lightweight material that is also very strong which makes it a great fencing material for both residential and commercial applications including security fencing. It can also be quite decorative and is commonly used to create feature fences. Aside from being very affordable, aluminium fencing offers a range of other benefits that help make it one of the most popular fencing solutions on the market.

Benefits Of Aluminium Fencing

A key benefit of aluminium is the fact that it is powder coated. By doing this we are able to give it a colour of your choice that will be scratch resistant and withstand leaching from the sun. Another benefit this coating provides is resistance to corrosion which is very important in coastal areas. Our factory houses a state of the art powder coating machine which means we can get the right colour to suit your home’s existing aesthetic. As we manufacture all of our fencing solutions we stand behind the quality of the finished product.

If using aluminium in a slat fence, its strength becomes a big benefit. The main concern with slat fencing is warping or sagging, none of which happens with aluminium slat fencing. This means you can play around with spacing and direction, making vertical, horizontal or even stacked slats to make something truly different. Our decades of experience in fencing means we understand the proper method of spacing as well as how to best secure the slats on posts.

Aluminium fencing is also a great choice for security as it can have the ends finished in a variety of ways to deter those from scaling it. Spacing tubular aluminium apart makes it difficult to climb in the first place but adding some spiked tops really sends the message that getting over it is not a worthwhile endeavour. The spacing lets people view products easily which is why it’s a popular choice for car yards as it presents the perfect blend of enticing customers with keeping your property secure when closed.

Most Common Types Of Aluminium Fencing

Tubular Fencing

Tubular aluminium fencing is a great option for pool and garden fencing solutions. The wide spacing means you can easily keep track of what’s happening inside the pool area from outside which is incredibly important for safety reasons. It also lets others view your hardwork in the garden while stopping them from getting too close. Elegant finishes on the top can accent your yard and further enhance the visual impact of your garden.

Slat Fencing

Slat fencing looks fantastic and can be utilised for decorative and privacy reasons. Depending on your needs we can adjust spacing to produce a fence that looks great but keeps prying eyes away from your yard. You can have vertical or horizontal slats or even a mix of both to make something that really stands out. Slat fencing also looks great when mixed with other materials such as brick which adds another dimension to your fencing structure.

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Installation Of Aluminium Fencing

Aluminium is a very hardy material so often the only weak point of the fence is poor installation. Our decades of experience in building aluminium fences means we have dealt with just about every challenge a fence installation can throw at us. Our approach to uncompromising quality is carried through from the sourcing of materials through to their manufacture and installation. Our goal with every fence is to produce something that will stand the test of time.

A Fantastic Low Maintenance Fencing Option

Many will not consider maintenance requirements when choosing their fencing. This is understandable as only a few fencing materials really require regular upkeep but it’s still worth thinking about before choosing the right fence for you. Aluminium fencing is low maintenance, mostly due to it being powder coated. This means you don’t need to inspect your fence on a regular basis and rain is going to take care of the cleaning for you.

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