When it comes to legislation, regulations, guidelines, compliance and other rules generally they are viewed negatively, as restrictive, as expensive and as limiting. But when viewed in a positive light they can be a lot easier to follow. Particularly with pool fencing and gates the stringent compliance requirements are put in place to maintain the safety of all, but especially children. Legislation additionally applies to recreational facilities, animal enclosures and many government buildings or sites. Those rules are in place to prevent either what’s inside going outside or stops what's on the outside going inside!

At Northside Fencing Services our staff are committed, yes dedicated, to helping you navigate successfully through any regulations you are required to adhere to. You can have the peace of mind that the fencing and gates provided by us fall well within the limits and will pass with flying colours any inspections or examinations.

Useful Information

Pool fencing and gates are heavily regulated for good reason. Click here to see some helpful information:

Pool Safety Compliance
Does your pool pass the test?
Using dividing fences as a pool barrier

A direct quotation from the factsheet – Pool Safety Compliance says: “Pool safety laws are necessary to keep young children safe and save lives. There is now one pool safety standard in Queensland, designed to increase pool safety and simplify pool safety laws, which previously included 11 different safety standards. It is mandatory that all regulated pools comply with the standard by 30 November 2015, or earlier if the property is sold or leased.” 


It is comforting to know that the pool safety laws have in fact been recently simplified as opposed to becoming more complicated! Which is usually the case isn’t it? But a VITAL piece of information that all landlords and property owners must comply with is the last sentence which is repeated here – “It is mandatory that all regulated pools comply with the standard by 30 November 2015, or earlier if the property is sold or leased.” So if you are a landlord or are thinking of selling your property towards the end of 2015 and thereafter it is imperative for you to call Northside Fencing Services today. Don’t allow a lack of pool compliance to be the cause of your sale to fall over. Act now!

Northside Fencing Services are here to help you bring any pool into compliance and uphold the vision of security and safety for all.