When you consider industrial fencing, you are looking at installing the best, high grade steel ornamental or chain-link fencing available on the market today. With the uncertain security environment companies and residents are seeking out the best perimeter fencing which can serve a dual purpose. Industrial fencing has made an insurgence into the residential market, mainly for it’s ornamental looks combined with its security properties. Easily incorporated it provides for the high security needs of both commercial and residential properties with an easy on the eye look.

Made from quality steel, industrial fencing will outperform any similar style fencing in terms of the highest-grade security materials in fencing for facilities which demand performance.


Industrial fencing comes in different styles from ornamental fencing through to chain-link fencing. The security properties of each are of the highest quality. In addition to the security properties industrial fencing, in particular ornamental fencing offers aesthetics as part of the package. With a large range of options available from patterns, colours, heights and more it is proving to be a very versatile fencing system.


Well we all know that the key function of industrial fencing is its highly rated security properties. Manufactured from steel there are no fencing options on the market which offer the security properties of industrial fencing. The versatility of this fencing system is what is proving to be its winning edge. Chosen for its robustness there are other points which make it highly desirable, which include adaptabiliyt and flexibility to suit any security or perimeter application.

GATES – Industrial fencing has a range of complimenting gates which can be installed to further enhance the security properties. This includes:

Cantilever Gates
Swing Gates
Sliding Gates

Manufactured to suite your circumstance any gate produced by Northside Fencing can be married up with modern technology including electronic entry points for ease of entry and increased security performance.


High security design specialists, Northside Fencing operate a purpose-built warehouse where we can manufacture your new perimeter fencing system to your specifications, including posts, panels and gates. This includes heights ranging from standard to custom ordered combinations for the more specific demands of companies, installations or homes looking for that little extra.

We can manufacture and install industrial fencing for any application or project of any size, including water treatment facilities, schools, universities, government building, commercial office premises and more.

Take a look at the following clip for a clearer idea of how industrial fencing is revolutionaising security and perimeter fencing.

Industrial Fence Installation

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