Automatic gates

Automatic gates: Where functionality meets aesthetics

What’s not to love about automatic gates? For convenience, they certainly put an end to arguments about who is going to get out of the car in a storm to open the gate. Having an automatic gate means you can leave all those problems behind you and never look back.

automaticAutomatic gates offer all the convenience and security that your family wants and needs. They are endlessly variable in their styles and features and of all the shapes and sizes available, there is no doubt that one can be found to suit any entry or driveway and the most particular and discerning of tastes.

Depending on your needs and budget, you can choose from three types of motors:

  • 240 volt, which plugs straight into an outdoor power point
  • solar powered, for when it is not economical to run 240 volt power to the gate
  • 24 volt low voltage power, which is used when you have a power point within 20 metres of the motor.

All gates have a manufacturer’s warranty of seven years, with two years’ warranty on the motors.


Custom designs are no problem, and Northside Fencing can also show you numerous standard options.

Call us today on the number above for more information and a free quote. We know that we have the right automatic gate solution for your needs.

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