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With over 20 years experience Northside Fencing is the premier Brisbane fencing contractor, providing residents and businesses with quality service and materials to produce fences that last a lifetime. From timber to glass fencing we can work with you to establish your fencing needs and provide solutions to suit any budget.

With few exceptions all of our fencing material is processed in our factory located in nearby Burpengary which means we can fabricate any type of custom fencing you might require. Our consultants have seen just about everything when it comes to fencing and are well versed in local council restrictions.

We Are The Leading Brisbane Fencing Contractor For The Following Types of Fence:

pool fencing brisbane fencing contractor

Pool Fencing

Queensland regulations stipulate that all pools must be fenced in order to keep everyone safe. You have a wide range of options when it comes to finding the right pool fencing to suit your home’s existing look and feel. Popular options include glass, aluminum and slat fencing as these allow you to keep an eye on what’s happening on the other side.

garden fencing brisbane fencing contractor

Garden Fencing

Whether it’s to keep others out or simply deter those from walking through your well kept garden, we have the right fencing solution for your yard. Timber fencing not only lasts a long time but can provide a natural look that goes well with your verdant garden. If you want to show your garden off while keeping others out, aluminium fencing can be a great choice.

timber fencing brisbane fencing contractor

Timber Fencing

If you are looking for a natural aesthetic that is incredibly versatile then timber fencing is perfect for you. It comes in a massive variety of styles from picket to slat to palings which means whatever the goal is for your fence we can supply the perfect outcome. As for the look, you can have the treated timber painted or simply keep it natural.

colorbond moreton bay fencing contractor

Colorbond Fencing

When we think of fencing that is built to last we think Colorbond steel. Colorbond’s reputation is built upon incredibly resilient, Aussie made steel that is coated multiple times. This coating protects the steel from scratches and corrosion that is common with the salty air our coastal region is renowned for while defending the colour against the sun.

glass fencing brisbane fencing contractor

Glass Fencing

Glass fencing has seen an explosion of popularity in recent years which we believe is mostly owing to frameless glass fencing. A leading material in pool fencing, frameless glass gives you the infinity feel while also complying to local regulations. Outside of pool fencing, glass is a great option for balconies and staircases as well as internal fencing.

chainwire moreton bay fencing contractor

Chainwire Fencing

While commonly thought of as an industrial fencing solution, chainwire is seeing more and more use in residential application. It is an extremely cost effective solution and is a great choice for fences designed to keep pets in your yard. Coating options mean you can have your fence coloured to suit your home’s aesthetic and give it some personality.

slat moreton bay fencing contractor

Slat Fencing

Slat fencing is often seen as a more modern fencing type with options in both material and design. Horizontal and vertical slats can give a different look and make slat fencing a great choice for those wanting to install a “feature fence” to accent their entrance or yard and the option to choose your material means you can find the perfect look.

entry gates moreton bay fencing contractor

Entry Gates

There isn’t much use in having a fence without a way to get in and out. We stock a massive range of components including rollers and motors in order to provide entry gates ranging from side entrances all the way through to automatic gates for commercial vehicles. We specialise in providing custom entry gates manufactured in our local factory.

Northside Fencing: Your Brisbane Fencing Contractor

If you would like a quote for any of the fencing types listed above give Northside Fencing a call on (07) 3491 4100 to talk with one of our experienced fencing consultants. We can arrange a time to visit your home or office to establish what type of fence will best meet your requirements and provide an obligation free quote for the manufacture and installation of your new fence.

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