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Glass fencing is commonly used around a pool. But that is not the only application. Glass fencing is often used for high-rise balconies, town houses, not so high apartment block balconies, showroom mezzanines and in regular housing estates. The beauty of glass is clear – pardon the pun. Whether you have a great water view, a pristine mountain or country view, a sparkling pool or yard to see the contemporary look of glass is now very affordable.

There are a couple of options when it comes to glass fencing – frameless and semi-frameless. As the name suggests one glass fence has a frame, whereas the other does not. To obtain a completely unobstructed view frameless is the way to go. Total visibility is important when it comes to children splashing around in the pool. Frameless glass fencing also enhances the openness of a space. A semi-frameless glass fence incorporates high quality aluminium tubing as the framework holding the glass panels in place. Northside Fencing Services has its own powder coating machine which means you can have virtually any colour frame you like.

We use the best quality components and fixtures so that the integrity of your glass fence is not undermined in the months and years to come. We have been in the fencing industry for more than 20 years so understand that to keep our customers coming back time and again the use of inferior quality products will only serve to harm our valuable reputation of quality workmanship and great customer service.

What puts a lot of people off glass fencing is the cleaning. Fair point. Now-a-days there is a product out there that can minimise this. It is an ultra-thin transparent coating that adheres to the surface that repels water. This coating makes cleaning a breeze. The glass will look cleaner for longer in between cleans. Additionally, this coating protects the glass against corrosion and etching from things like sand, dirt and grim, thus lengthening the life of your glass fence.

When it comes to glass fencing around a pool it must comply with legislation. Compliance sounds expensive doesn’t it? Well it need not be. Our staff at Northside Fencing Services are very well-informed when it comes to legislation are dedicated to giving you value for money glass fencing that is fully compliant.

So now that you are convinced, call Northside Fencing Services today to come and give you a free measure and quote and discuss with you all your glass fencing requirements.

Did you know? The art of glassmaking dates back as far as 3500BC in Egypt and Eastern Mesopotamia. Around the 1st Century a Syrian craftsman discovered glassblowing. However, glass was very expensive and within reach of only the wealthy. Glass was once the luxury that only the rich could afford, thank goodness those days are long gone. Glass fencing is now a very affordable option to the average person.

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