Commercial & Residential Palisade Fencing in Brisbane

Once primarily considered for use in commercial applications only Palisade fencing is fast becoming a popular solution for residential fences as well. The design of Palisade fencing means it is flexible in application and can be made to suit any existing infrastructure while providing excellent security for your property while being an cost effective alternative to chainwire fencing but also providing increased security.

While the design promotes flexibility it also allows for quick and easy installation which means you get to enjoy minimum disruption to workplace operations. They are able to be easily paired with matching gates that also offer automation in both sliding and swinging configurations.

As mentioned before a Palisade fence offers significantly increased security when compared to a chainwire fence. The spacing of the uprights makes it extremely difficult to pass through and the top of the balusters are made to form a point which means scaling and getting over the top of the fence is even more troublesome for would be trespassers and thieves.

While security is the key advantage of Palisade fencing in Brisbane the increase in its use for non commercial properties has also meant a rise in the options available for colours to suit any home aesthetic. As Northside is also a leading manufacturer of fencing products we have the ability to powdercoat in many different colours and can work with you to find the right shade for your needs.

The panel design of Palisade also means it is perfect for those who like to do the job themselves while having peace of mind that the product they are using is of the highest quality having passed through our rigorous quality control methods. We offer panels in a variety of sizing that you can purchase.

Our manufacturing standards and overall design means that the Palisade fence you get from Northside Fencing are not only going to last longer than other options available but will also look better which in turn can help increase the value of your property while also giving guests and clients a better impression of your home or business from the get go.

For more information on Palisade Fencing and what Northside Fencing can do for you please visit our Palisade Fencing page to get more information on sizing.

If you are looking to have a Palisade fence designed and installed for your Brisbane property or would like to purchase the best quality panels possible then give Northside Fencing a call and talk with one of our expert fencing consultants.

For over 30 years Northside have been providing locals with the best fencing solutions possible and stand by our products and workmanship so you can rest assured you are in the best hands possible.