Using Concrete Sleepers For Brisbane Fencing

Timber sleepers have long been the norm when dealing with raised fencing solutions and for good reason. They look great and provide a natural look while remaining sturdy in many environments. As great as they are a new way of providing unmatched stability and a more solid foundation has been gaining traction in the past few years.

Concrete sleepers are a smarter and more reliable alternative to their wooden counterparts, offering far more longevity and strength. These 2 factors are the cornerstone of a solid fencing solution and mean the finished product will outlast those created with wooden sleepers. The strength of concrete sleepers is derived from the Reo bars that are placed inside each one in a similar fashion to the concrete floors and walls that are used in construction. The increased strength and flexibility added by the Reo bars means the concrete sleepr far suprasses a wooden alternative.

Aside from the strength the use of concrete sleepers also offers increased versatility when it comes to the fencing materials being used and their overall aesthetic. A key drawback to using wooden sleepers is the lack of diversity when it comes to the look. The rough surfacing doesn’t take paint well and the texture can leave a finish looking sub par. While timber sleepers can often match well with a timber fence they can look subpar on other materials and even bring down the overall look of your newly installed fence.

Concrete Sleepers Brisbane Retaining Wall Installation

Concrete sleepers are available in multiple designs and textures in a variety of colours which means you can find a combination that perfectly suits other materials you are using. Some of the design and colours offered by Northside Fencing for concrete sleepers are:

  • Smooth plain concrete look
  • Mocha timber look
  • Smokey timber look
  • Grey stack stone look
  • Paperbark sandstone block look

The look is so versatile it can even be made to look like the timber solution they are quickly replacing. They come in a variety of sizes to suit any design needs and are priced extremely competitively. Swapping out timber for concrete is environmentally friendly as well.

For more information on concrete sleepers from Northside Fencing please visit our information page regarding this product to learn more about sizing and other details.

When you take into consideration the flexibility of concrete sleepers in terms of design and their inherent strength compared to other alternatives it becomes clear that using concrete sleepers is the best choice when looking to provide your fence with the best possible foundation.

Northside Fencing are industry leaders in fencing solutions and experts at the installation of these sleepers. Contact us today to talk with a consultant about finding the best possible price for concrete sleepers in Brisbane and surrounding suburbs.