Insurance and Your Fence

Given that we are entering storm season we thought it might be a good idea to take a look at how your insurance interacts with your fence. Of course there are the obvious facts such as floods often not being covered in standard home insurance but you might not also be aware of other causes not being covered.

Mold, fungus, termites and normal wear and tear are not covered either as well as damage caused by landscaping accidents. If you are concerned about any of the above then it’s a great idea to contact your insurer and discuss what plans do cover them as they can be a common cause of fence damage.

Storm Fence Damage

Tis the season and for good reason you are right to be concerned about your fences health in the violent storms that are sweeping across the country. The good news is that if the wind and rain combine to bring down your fence you are covered under most standard home insurance plans.

Damaged Caused By Falling Trees

This is a tricky one because the difference between being covered or not comes down to your own diligence in the garden. If a tree that is in good health falls on your fence then it is covered and you are fine. If the tree was weakened prior to the incident then it will not be considered an accident for insurance purposes because it was preventable. While this is a grey area it makes keeping an eye on the trees around your fence a great idea.

Damage From Neighbours Trees

Keeping an eye on the trees in your yard makes sense but you can’t be everywhere at once. Asking your neighbour to trim or inspect trees in their yard that pose a threat to your fence is not only a sensible course of action but will save you drama down the road. If a tree from your neighbor’s yard falls on your fence then your insurance company will typically hold them accountable for the damage. This can include trees that are diseased, rotten or neglected unlike claims made for trees that were on your own property.

It’s worth noting that in some cases a fence on the boundary line of your property might mean both you and the neighbour need to pay for the damage. Either way the first thing to do is contact your insurer and get the process started.

tree fence damage

Fence Damage By Vandalism

All too often we see damage to fences caused by vandalism. This can be direct damage such as broken palings or from defacement with graffiti. This type of damage is typically covered by your standard home insurance which is great news. Remember to always report such damage to the police as this may help the claim process.

Damage caused by a car crash

More often than not you are covered should a car unfortunately crash into your fence. It is worth noting though that this can also be an opportunity to avoid rate increases due to claims made. Third Party Property Damage is a requirement for all car owners across the country and this covers damage caused to other people’s property. By making a claim on the driver’s third party insurance you can get the damage covered without having to make a claim on your own insurance plan.

car damage fence

Northside Fencing Insurance Quotes

Once you have filed your claim you will need to get quotes together based on the payout your insurance is willing to give. In these cases you want to hire someone with a strong focus on both quality and value for money. Northside are often called in to provide quotes and carry out work on insurance claims due to our reputation within the industry. If you need a quote for fence repair or replacement just give us a call on (07) 3491 4100 or fill in our contact form.