Chainmesh Fencing

When looking at fencing options for your property it always pays to look at every possible type to find the best fit. If you are looking for a budget friendly solution that will stand both the test of time and any weather conditions you may be subject to then Chainmesh fencing, otherwise known as chain wire fencing, may be the answer you are looking for.

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The Versatile Fence Solution

Chainmesh is a versatile fencing option for a variety of reasons but a main consideration for choosing this type of fencing is the security it can provide. These fences can be much taller than other materials due to the low resistance against winds. This makes it a popular choice for both residential and commercial properties alike.

Domestic properties benefit from the aforementioned security the fence provides but can also use powder coating options to have the fence suit the aesthetic of the home they border. The versatility through flexibility means the fence can be bent around trees and other obstacles to give your home complete protection while eliminating the need to remove trees.

A popular use for chainmesh fencing is to keep animals on your property. This is a benefit both residential and farming properties can take advantage of. The lack of maintenance required for the fence combined with its resilience means we are seeing more and more agricultural properties using it over traditional wooden options.

Chainmesh has become a popular choice for civil applications over time as well. Popular uses for it are in parks as the visibility it affords means you don’t obstruct the scenic beauty that the local council has worked hard to develop. The fencing can be used around the park itself or around any ponds and lakes meaning the visitors can see the wildlife that inhabit these bodies of water while also preventing them from getting too close.

Chainmesh is also a great choice for fencing around schools as it can provide complete security while also preventing the feeling of being caged in. Views and such are preserved and the thin wire used can make the fence seem all but invisible to the students which helps keep morale up while also keeping them protected at all times.

Cost Effective Fencing

Perhaps the biggest reasons for choosing a chainmesh fence is its resilience in regards to weather and its cost effectiveness. Chainmesh fencing can also be referred to as hurricane or cyclone fencing due to its ability to withstand massive winds. The cost effectiveness of the fence does not apply solely to its initial cost but also to the lack of maintenance required. Chainmesh is almost a set and forget solution in regards to fencing but we always recommend regular inspections to ensure you find any potential issues before they become sources of trouble.

Northside Fencing Are Chainmesh Fence Experts

We have deployed chainmesh fencing in just about every environment possible and can help you to develop a design and deployment that will suit the security needs of your property. If you would like to talk with a fencing expert regarding the sales and installation of chainmesh fencing give Northside Fencing a call on (07) 3491 4100 or contact us online.