Glass Fencing In South-East Queensland

Glass fencing is loved across South-East Queensland as an elegant fencing solution that makes a statement without blocking the view. Glass fencing is a highly versatile option for decorative and safety purposes alike. Glass has become a widely popular fencing option for around the pool but is also used on balconies, decks, mezzanines and more.

Ensuring the glass panels, frames and hardware are all high quality is key for glass fencing that will last. Strength may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of glass fencing but proper fencing glass is tough and durable. At Northside Fencing we only stock high-quality, reinforced glass fencing products that meet Australian Standards. Made from thick tempered glass panels our glass fencing is designed to last.

As well as our installation services we also supply our premium glass fencing products and custom fencing solutions to contractors and tradespeople for pick up and delivery.

Glass Fencing Options

Glass fencing offers versatile and modern styling that’s visually unobtrusive. With a variety of options from fully framed to frameless glass fence styles, you can personalise your fencing to blend in with your property.

Glass fencing is a flexible option, suitable for almost any fence type. Our premium glass fencing products will make your home the envy of the neighbourhood.

Frameless Glass Fence

With a nearly invisible look, frameless glass fencing is ideal for preserving your view. Preserve an open and unfenced look while maintaining safety and compliance around pools and balconies. Frameless glass fencing enhances the openness of a space and allows for total visibility. Perfect for decorative and safety fencing alike, frameless glass fences help divide up a space without making it feel smaller.

Framed Glass Fence

As the name implies framed glass fencing includes a frame around some or all of the edges of the glass panel. Enjoy all the benefits of glass fencing while adding your own flare of style or pop of colour with frames to suit any property. With in-house powder coating, we can completely customise glass fence frames and components to match your colour scheme. With a variety of balustrades, posts and other hardware framed and semi-framed glass fencing looks great anywhere.

Glass Gates

Don’t let an ordinary gate undo the stylish look of your glass fence. With matching glass gates you can maintain the visibility and design of your fence. With pool gate compliant options our glass gates are safe and compliant for your peace of mind. And with our in-house powder coating services, our team can customise your glass gate components to seamlessly match your home.

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Glass Fence Installation

Northside Fencing prides itself on quality workmanship, exceptional customer service and superior fencing products. Our glass fencing panels are tough and easy to clean. With an ultra-thin transparent coating, the surface is protected against corrosion and etching and helps the glass look cleaner for longer. This coating repels water and protects the glass from sand, dirt and grime, making your fence easier to clean and helping it to last longer.

The team at Northside Fencing has decades of experience in the industry. Our installers service the North Brisbane and Sunshine Coast regions including western and inland suburbs. Our fully insured and qualified installers have a wide range of experience from residential to commercial and industrial fencing of all styles and materials. We also have the necessary knowledge and experience to ensure your fencing is safe and compliant, meeting relevant legislation including the requirements for pool fencing.

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