What to know before building a fence

If you are planning on adding a new fence to your property then there are a number of things you need to consider. Often your fence is the part of your home that makes a first impression on visitors and making sure you tick all the boxes before you go ahead is crucial to getting the best outcome. Here are the key things your should consider before building a fence.

The first thing that you should consider is what council restrictions may be in place in your area. If you are building a fence that divides your property from a neighbour then it also becomes an asset of their home. Talking with your neighbours about the overall look, function and material of the fence to be installed will avoid any unnecessary drama down the road.

Once you have discussed the new fence with those that will be affected by it, you will then need to ascertain what material the fence will be made out of. Often the range of materials you can choose from will be dictated by the purpose of the fence. If you are looking to build a fence for your pool for example you will typically be looking at glass or aluminium. If privacy is the main concern then a solid panel like Colorbond will be a great choice.

How the fence will look is the next step and for this part you will need to look to your homes overall aesthetic. A good fence will complement and enhance your properties overall look and feel. While some may consider the look to be the most important factor we feel that function overrides form. Once we have a set amount of options to work with we can then narrow them down based on what will look the best.

Some types of fences provide more options than others regarding colour. Colorbond has a wide range of great colours to choose from with scratch and weather resistant coating that is guaranteed to last. While this may suit your situation perfectly some may be looking for a different or more diverse range of colours. If you choose a timber fence then you can look to paint it the exact colour you want.

While its exciting to plan out a new addition to your home you should also consider what is going to happen in the future. Looking at what maintenance a fence requires is of utmost importance. In order to make sure your new fence lasts you will need perform upkeep just like any other part of your home. Understanding the costs and amount of labour required will let you make the best decision possible regarding your options.

When deciding what fence you are going to build you need the best information possible. The experts at Northside Fencing are on hand to assist you with any advice you may need, so contact us today. Our time tested experience means we can give you the right insight and our wide range of fencing options means you will end up with the best choice possible for your fencing needs.