The good old timber fence. You can’t beat it for value for money, style, versatility and all the other features which are synonymous with timber fencing. Timber fencing is truly Australia. It dates back in time and it stands the test of time. With advances in termite resistance treatments timber fencing is even more appealing than ever.

Timber fencing now comes in a range of paling options and styles giving the home owner greater versatility and selection. If you are looking for a security fence which needs to serve a purpose only, then the old fashion plain timber paling will suffice. If you are looking for something a little more decorative perhaps in the front yard or along a walk way, then timber fencing offers a selection of decorative tops on palings. All timber palings come in a variety of widths also.

When you begin designing your new timber fence remember that you don’t need to go with the conventional vertical paling only. Mix it up a little and install your palings in sections some of which horizontally and others sections vertical. This adds drama without adding too much cost.

You can overlap your palings to ensure that your new timber fence provide privacy. Or you can leave spaces which allow the light to filter thought crating a sense of space. Timber fencing paling can be painted or stained to suit any modern home giving you access to the great range of colours available on the market.

When adding a gate to your new timber fence. You could go with a seamless approached and blend your gate in with the rest of the fence. Alternatively, you could make a statement with your gate and use a different material, perhaps metal or a decorative steel gate. Gates can be custom built to suit your size and requirements. We offer swing gates, sliding gates, manual and automated gates for your convenience.

For all your timber fence supplies, tips and hints contact Northside Fencing your local supplier, designers and manufacture of timber fence and other fencing products.

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