Things To Do Before Building A Fence

Before you decide on what fence you would like to place on your property there are a few things to consider. We have compiled a checklist to give you some insight towards key factors that should determine what fence is best for you.

Consider The Purpose

There are quite a few reasons why someone might want to have a fence installed. It can be for security, to keep the pets in or to add visual appeal to increase the properties value. We have talked about chain-link fencing before and why it is a great idea for keeping pets in the yard. For security you are generally looking at a taller fence with no gaps.

If it is more for the visual impact of the home then it is a great idea to consider what materials give you colour options so you can get the right look. For this reason wooden fencing can be a great idea because you can paint it the exact shade you are after.

Building A Fence colorbond

Desired Material vs Expected Maintenance

While the purpose can go a long way to determining what material your fence is made of, you also need to consider what maintenance might be required. A wood fence is great for getting any colour you want but it will require a repaint over time.

If you are looking to keep upkeep as minimal as possible then considering a material such as Colorbond is a sound idea. Colorbond comes in a variety of colours and is incredibly resistant to wear and tear. This means you get to spend more time admiring your fence and less time tending to maintenance.

Compromise By Combining Fencing Types

Sometimes the best of both worlds can be the best solution to your fencing needs. If you keep your pets in the backyard exclusively you can have a chain-link fence there and a more visually appealing one out the front. You might opt for a mix of wood and metal so you can have that natural aesthetic mixed with the versatility of chain or metal wire.

Know Your Council Regulations

We have had people approach us before with a grand idea in mind for their fence only to find out it is not possible due to council rules and regulations. While we will always advise and adhere to council regulations it doesn’t hurt to look into them yourself while planning what type of fence you would like.

Regulations can dictate many aspects of a fence including the maximum height allowed. They can also specify what side of the fence must be shown on the public facing side. Sometimes you will also need a building permit to place a fence or retaining wall up and if this is the case we are always happy to help you through the process of application.

Building A Fence chainwire

Have A Budget In Mind

It is easy to get carried away planning an elaborate fencing system but at the end of the day your budget will dictate what is possible. Calling a fencing supplier to get a rough idea of per metre or per panel costs is a great idea. With a budget in mind you can then go about working out what the best solution is for you.

If you want to talk with a fencing expert about general pricing for certain materials then we encourage you to give us a call. We have seen it all when it comes to fencing and can provide you with a plethora of options that we feel best suit your home’s looks and your fences primary purpose.

Know Your Boundaries

More often than not it pays to have your property surveyed to establish the correct property line. The last thing you want when installing a new fence is to find out halfway through that you are encroaching on your neighbours property. This includes knowing exactly where your property ends if it backs onto public property.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and this is extremely true when it comes to doing your homework before installing a fence. This also means talking about your intended fence with your neighbours. They have to look at it too and taking their thoughts into consideration can go a long way to preventing issues down the road.

Building A Fence wooden fencing

Hire a Professional

Your fence is something that you want to last. Making sure it is properly installed by people with experience means you won’t have to keep adjusting and maintaining it. We have come across just about every challenge possible when it comes to installing a fence and this means you can get the results you want no matter what pops up.