Termite-free fencing

Termite-free fencing in SEQ

You can have it all in south-east Queensland: lifestyle, a beautiful wooden house and fence – and no worries about termites. We have the perfect fencing solution in a product called Termite Buster. But first a few words about termites.

Termites love Brisbane, the Moreton Bay area and the Sunshine Coast for all the same reasons you do: a great climate and great wooden properties.

Termites are destructive wood pests that feed on materials made of cellulose – that is, materials like wood, dead plants and paper. Left to themselves, they will destroy any wooden parts of your property, your fences and gates included.

With high temperatures in summer and mild winters, with usually plenty of rain in the summer and regular rainfall in the winter, the south-east corner is a playground for lucky residents. It is also a very high-risk area for termite infection.

But the great news is that Northside Fencing has fantastic fencing solutions that incorporates the attractiveness of timber and the pest-resistant properties of steel: Termite Buster.

Termite Buster: high beauty, high safety, low maintenance

Termites Buster is a stylish and pest-resistant fencing and gating solution that will tick all your boxes for beauty, safety, durability, longevity, low maintenance, price and unparalleled protection from termites and timber rot.

Termite Buster combines galvanised steel posts with pine railings and palings specially treated in a contemporary finish that you will love. This H4 treatment is guaranteed to resist termites, and has the bonus of preventing timber rot as well.

We concrete the steel posts into the ground, and expertly install the pine rails and palings for a low-maintenance, long-lasting termite-resistant timber fence.

Termite Buster offers unparalleled protection from termites, while looking great and not costing an arm and a leg. Contact us today for an obligation-free quote – and put your termite worries in the past.