Steel Fencing – Is It Right For You

Steel fencing is becoming increasingly popular over time and it is not without good reason. There are several factors that make steel fencing a top choice for both homeowners and investors across South East Queensland.

Let’s take a look at a few reasons why steel fencing deserves your consideration when choosing what material you would like your new fence to be constructed with:

metal fencing


When you think of steel, you think of toughness. Being such a resilient material means steel fences can withstand any of the harsh conditions you may experience in Queensland including high winds and floods. Steel fencing is often coated to make it scratch and corrosion resistant which further extends its life.


When you are deciding what type of fence you want to get often budget is the key determining factor. We will often encourage people to consider more than just the price and this includes factors like lifespan and expected maintenance. When all of these variables come into play steel fencing can be an incredibly affordable fencing option.


We mentioned coating earlier as a way to protect your steel fence and increase its lifespan. The coating applied comes in a wide variety of colours so you can find the right shade to suit your home’s existing aesthetic. The coating is also incredibly resilient so this means your fence will be looking great now and well down the line.

Privacy & Security:

A strong and sturdy metal fence will make sure your home has an added layer of security from would be trespassers. Not only that but Colorbond fencing is fantastic for creating privacy in your back or front yard. The lack of gaps and ability to build tall due to its resilience means you can relax away from prying eyes.

Northside Fencing – Experts In Steel Fencing

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