Simple Fence Maintenance Tips From Northside

While we stand by our quality of both our product and labour over time your fence may need some love and care to give it the longest life span possible which in turn gives you the most value. More often than not just a simple walk around your yard once in a while can be enough to inspect the situation and catch any developments that might lead to damage.

Let’s take a look at some common tips for getting the most out of your fence:

  • If a fence has developed a lean then the most likely cause is the build up of soil, rocks and other materials. Removing this with a rake or outdoor broom can help prevent a lean from developing but you should be careful not to dig down too much in your efforts. Removing soil from around your supporting structure can also reduce the integrity of your fence.
  • If you intend on growing a creeper plant along your fence you should always let us know before we get to work constructing it. If we know this is what you intend to do we can give the fence more structural support. The reason for this is because as your creeper grows it can be deceptive in terms of weight. Regular pruning of the plant can help ease the strain and prevent damage being done.
  • If you find your posts are rotting then it’s time to take a look around your fence to see if garden beds are retaining moisture near the fence line or your sprinklers are spraying down the fence too often. While sometimes it’s advisable to actually water down a fence such as treated pine, constant dampness will cause issues with timber fences.
  • It is quite common for your fence line to be home to trees and shrubs as well. It is important you inspect any trees that are near the fence line in order to prevent damage. Falling branches are a hazard not only to your fence but the safety of your family. Constant rubbing of branches against your fence in high winds can also cause damage as well as the root structure of the tree itself.
If you are concerned about the structural integrity of your fence then give us a call today or fill in our contact form to talk with an experienced professional about what steps can be taken to make sure your fence stands the test of time and climate in the Australian outdoors.