School Security Fencing Service

Australia is renowned across the world for its incredible education system that sees students from year 1 to university enjoying the best in modern learning tools such as computers, lab equipment and learning resources.

While these tools are an incredible boost to the education system they also present an issue in that they make the schools more of a target for would be thieves. Given the regular hours of people on the premises schools can often be viewed as easy pickings for theft. On top of this schools are often the target of vandalism whether it be from a student or an outsider. The effective and affordable option is school security fencing.

By consulting with a fencing professional a school board can ascertain the best course of action in regards to security fencing and how best to implement it while meeting Department of Education Design Standards. Security fencing has been proven to be extremely effective in deterring crime and according to a report compiled by parliament a properly designed school safety fence can reduce arson and breaking and entering by 50% as well as reducing vandalism by 71% and trespassing by 88%.

These numbers are significant and also provide another benefit in reduced budget allocation for repairs which means more money can be directed towards actual educational endeavours.

Another reason for school security fencing is the protection of the students themselves. While we would like to believe that our students are safe regardless we have seen a number of cases regarding abduction both from strangers and family members. A schools primary focus should always be to create a secure learning environment for students. This means giving them the most protection possible from would be trespassers and sexual predators.

Choosing the right fence is paramount to providing the best in safety while also preserving function and aesthetic. Choices can be made to help prevent vandalism such as opting for materials that are resistant to graffiti. Designs that are hard to scale are also of great importance. While some may see a fence that completely blocks vision in and out of the school as the most viable these kind of fences not only create an oppressive environment but they can also serve to provide places to hide and obscure vision of would be trespassers.

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