Swimming pool compliance

Pool season opens soon – be fence ready

We’re in the middle of the big winter chill in south-east Queensland right now. And that’s the season when many of you will be thinking about installing a pool for summer. Some of you might also be thinking about updating your outdoor pool area with new fencing or a new gate. You need look no further than Northside Fencing, your local experts for fully compliant swimming pool fences and gates.

Pool safety compliance experts

The friendly and knowledgeable staff at Northside Fencing are experts in the exact science of compliance to safety standards for pool fencing and gates. You can trust us all your supply and installation needs for fully compliant and fully safe pool barriers.

Be aware of the risks, including the risks of non-compliance: local governments can issue you with an on-the-spot fine of up to $883.05. So, don’t take risks with your choice of fencing supplier. Contact the experts you can trust today at Northside Fencing.

Compliant pool fences – a few fast facts

Your pool fence must be designed with the safety of children uppermost. For this reason, it should be at least 1200mm high. The smallest gap allowed between the ground and the bottom of the fence is 100mm. Gaps between vertical palings or posts should be 100mm at most.

It’s not just about fence dimensions, however. You need to be aware of climbable objects near the fence. These must be kept at least 900mm from the outside of the barrier and 300mm from the inside of it. Failure to comply with these requirements can also result in a fine.

Compliant pool gates – a few fast facts

To be compliant, pool gates must be self-closing and self-latching. They must also open outwards from the pool area.

To be safe for children, the latches have to be at least 1500mm above ground. Alternatively, it must be necessary to reach over or through the fencing to an inside latch at least 1200mm from the ground.

Take the worry out and leave the fun in

To ensure the safety of all and to maximise enjoyment of your pool, get in touch with our friendly expert team. For all you need to know about compliance with your pool fence or gate, contact the experts at Northside Fencing today.