Pet Fencing

Northside Fencing on pet fencing

Pet lovers rest easy. Northside Fencing has decades of combined experience in building fences that are effective at keeping pets in and unwanted animals out – while looking great. On any budget, for any kind of property.

Northside Fencing are animal lovers like you and we understand your priorities when it comes to pet fencing. We know you want peace of mind knowing that you have provided for the security and safety that your family and your pets need.

Fence-scaling pets?

We’ve seen it all. Some dogs and cats can be incredibly ingenious at finding their way to the other side of fences. Our Northside Fencing experts will visit your home and inspect your unique terrain. We will listen to you about your pet’s special climbing and scaling abilities. We will check and find solutions for possible footholds and give 360-degree advice that includes an appraisal of plants and trees near fences. Northside Fencing can offer solutions as unique as your home and your pet.

Importantly, we will offer efficient and practical solutions that are also economical and attractive. We know most people don’t want to live in Fort Knox. We can usually find solutions that are not as drastic as two-metre high chain wire or electric fences. Although if that is what you have in mind or what it takes, we are ready to also supply such fencing solutions.

DIY or have us install

Northside Fencing is proud to offer all installation services or to expertly support you if you’d like to DIY. Take advantage of our purpose-built 2000m2 factory and warehouse in Burpengary. You can browse our unbeatable range of products there and pick the brains of our fencing professionals. We’re here to help, seven days a week.

Contact Northside Fencing today for expert pet fencing advice, and a free measure and quote.