Gates are literally the gateway to your family home, office or commercial premises. As such they typically need to serve a dual purpose. Gates need to be visually appealing so as not to detract from your kerb appeal of professional image. They also need to service as a deterrent or visual security barrier protecting your premises, family, goods, products and more. At Northside Fencing we offer north side gates, solutions for residents and owners of commercial premises.


Gates provide a clear path for any visitors to your home or customers to your premises guiding them to your front door or entrance. If designed correctly, they say welcome. Living on the north side of Brisbane and looking for local stockists and manufacturers of great north side gates? Look nor further than Northside Fencing.


Selecting a gate is much like selecting anything in life.

• Firstly, you need to determine or know the purpose of your gate.

• Once this is clear, you need to determine where you want the gate. If you are building a new fence your options are fairly open at this point. If, however you are replacing an existing gate you will need to most likely place it in the same place.

• Next you look at the designs available which suit your purpose, i.e. colour, pattern, material, style, height, etc.

• The locking and opening mechanism are also a major consideration. There are a range of opening and locking devises available on the market for your gates now-a-days. These include:

o Standard manual open and shut
o Automated opening triggered via a remote

• Will your gate need to swing or slide? This is governed by your selection, the room you have, type of home or office, expanse, weight, height, etc.

Northside Fencing are your local leading supplier of north side gates for all purposes. We are specialists in the fending industry and boast a purpose built factory. This enables us to custom build gates to your specifications able to cover any expanse.

For further information on your next gate, contact us at Northside Fencing.

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