Modern Fencing Trends

We have seen an explosion of architectural creativity in the last decade and with this comes the need for fencing to keep up in order to property compliment these fantastic looking homes and offices. Our fencing contractors are always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to frame your boundary line with modern fencing solutions and our team of fabricators in our Burpengary factory are able to make your dreams a reality when it comes to your fence.

Modern Timber Fencing

While it’s a fencing classic the timber fence has certainly evolved in recent years. Different variations of slat fencing have become extremely popular as it provides a modern and minimalist look. While horizontal and vertical slats are the most popular, those wanting to push it a little further can look to newer trends such as stacked slats which look fantastic. Framed bamboo is also seeing a comeback as it looks exotic while keeping your yard private.

Being able to paint wood fence materials means it is easy to match it to your home or office’s existing aesthetic. For those wanting a natural look for a more rustic feel there are options such as alternating timber types and even pallet fencing. Depending on how much privacy you want the fence to provide a vertical timber fence using only well spaced large posts is something worth checking out.

modern timber fence

Modern Metal Fencing

Metal fencing usually means slats and while that is still a very popular option there are a few creative ways to spice things up. Etched metal fencing is elegant, intricate and can be used as a feature fence or installed along the whole boundary line. A bonus for etched fencing is that you can have a gate designed to match. Freestanding vertical slats are a modern looking option for those not too concerned about privacy.

Most metal fencing is coated to both provide colour and help it withstand rusting which is important in a coastal region such as South-East Queensland. Having said that, it is becoming more and more common to see people playing with different textures and effects for their metal fence. Different solvents can provide a unique rusted look, even going so far to introduce rainbow like patterns when applied to different metals.

modern metal fence

Modern Stone & Concrete Fencing

Stone fencing has been used since the dawn of time and we are seeing it come back into popularity in the form of gabion walls. A metal framework is installed and filled with carefully aligned stones which means there is no need for mortar. The result is a natural look that is also incredibly strong, providing complete privacy for those behind it. Gabion walls also look great when sections are alternated with wood slats.

Concrete fencing is a great way to update your existing block fence, bringing it up to date. A smooth coat of new cement leaves your block fence looking smooth and a colour change can be part of the process. The result is a strong, modern looking fence with the option to include geometric lines or designs to further accentuate it. Free standing concrete panels are great for those wanting a natural look with a bit more space to breathe.

modern stone fence

Modern Glass Fencing

When it comes to modern takes on glass fencing the “infinity” look is incredibly popular. Frameless glass fencing aligns with just about every sci-fi movie ever made and is a great way to keep a boundary secure while leaving any views completely unobstructed. This not only works well on a boundary line but serves a dual purpose when used for pool fencing where it satisfies Queensland legislation while allowing you keep an eye on everything happening.

Frosted glass has been popular in the past but is seeing a bit of a resurgence in recent years. Traditionally you would expect to find frosted glass indoors particularly in offices but we are seeing it pop up more and more in terms of fencing. Frosted glass presents a cooling effect while preserving your privacy making it perfect for those who want a glass fence without having to compromise.

modern glass fence

Modern Fencing Design By Northside Fencing

If you are looking for modern fencing solutions we encourage you to give us a call on (07) 3491 4100 to talk with one of our fencing consultants about what fence is right for you. Our decades of experience combined with our dedication to building the best fences possible means you can enjoy peace of mind knowing the end result will not only look great but stand the test of time for years to come.

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