Glass Fencing Pros & Cons

There are lots of options available to you for your new fence. In this handy guide, we go through some of the advantages and disadvantages of selecting glass fencing for your home. Glass has become a widely popular fencing option for around the pool but is also used on balconies, decks, mezzanines and more.



Whether you have a great water view, a pristine mountain or country view, a sparkling pool or yard to see glass fencing won’t obstruct the view. The high visibility is also great for safety and peace of mind, parents can easily keep a watchful eye on children in the pool or yard. The clear view through glass fencing can also help make small yards feel bigger than they actually are. There are a variety of optical illusions and landscaping techniques that can incorporate glass fencing to help make any space feel bright and airy.


Glass fencing is generally thought of as a modern design option but it can be incredibly versatile. With frameless and semi-frameless styles it is also easy to customise a glass fence. Because the glass itself is essentially invisible, with a frame or mounting system to match the style of the rest of your property glass fencing can seamlessly blend in anywhere.


When thinking about glass strength might not be the first thing you think about, but glass used in fencing is incredibly tough. Glass fencing is made from thick tempered glass panels that have to be strong and durable enough to meet Australian Standards.

Cleaning & Maintenance

No matter what type of fence you decide on, it will need regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure it lasts and looks great while doing it. In the past, the difficulty of cleaning glass fences put people off them, but modern glass fences are much easier to clean. An ultra-thin, transparent coating can be applied to the glass which protects it against corrosion and etching. Not only does this increase the life of your glass fence it keeps your fence looking great longer between cleans and makes the cleaning process easier.


Cleaning & Maintenance

We know we just said that the ease of cleaning was one of the positives of glass fencing but there are also challenges. While the cleaning process is easier now and can be done with just water, soap and a soft cloth glass fencing will need cleaning and maintenance more often than other kinds of fences. Every fingerprint, smudge and streak will be very noticeable on a beautiful clear glass fence. If you don’t have time to regularly clean it yourself or the budget for professional cleaning it may not be the right option for you.


Scratching can be an issue for glass and metal fencing alike and can be particularly noticeable on glass fences. Glass with the protective coating we mentioned above is going to be more resistant to scratching, but it remains important to treat glass fences with care. Glass may not be suitable in highly abrasive environments or if you have pets that like to scratch or claw at things.


When it was first invented glass products were expensive luxuries for only the wealthiest people. Now glass is significantly more affordable and accessible to create beautiful fencing. However, glass fencing is still more expensive than other kinds of fencing, depending on your budget and requirements glass may not be the right fencing solution for you

Glass Fencing from Northside Fencing

Here at Northside Fencing, we have over 20-years of experience working with all kinds of fences. If you’re thinking about a glass fence for your home our expert team have the right advice and products for you. With our in-house powder coating machine, we can also customise glass fence frames and components to match the style and colour scheme of your space.

Whether you need some advice or you’re ready to start your fencing project contact the team at Northside Fencing today.