Fencing for Pets

Keep your pets in – ask the DIY experts

We think we can help you do better than this!
“Stella and the DIY fence.”

Don’t fence yourself in. At Northside Fencing, we can help you keep your pets in and other unwanted animals out without making your home look like Fort Knox.

We understand the trials of pet owners and the ingenuity of our favourite, and not-so-favourite animals in fence-scaling. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff have seen it all, and are here to problem-solve right along with you.
Any number of strategies and fence types could be effective depending on your terrain, your budget, your neighbours, your taste and of course, your beloved pet’s special talents.

We’ve got the tips and tricks

The solutions are as infinite as your pet is unique, and may include wire mesh, closing gaps serving as footholds, and even double fencing.
Rolling beams fitted across the tops of fences can be very effective in preventing cats and dogs from finding the foothold they need to successfully scale a fence.
A well-judged placement of plants and trees can often be effective for keeping animals in or out, and we will show you our tips and tricks with this, personalised to your property.
The height of your fence is an obvious factor, but don’t despair if you don’t want a two-metre fence – we have got ingenious solutions that will make drastic solutions unnecessary.

Electric fences

If your needs run to it, we can help you DIY an electric fence that delivers a mild deterrent shock to cattle, kangaroos and other animals. If you are going to build your own electric fence, however, be sure to follow all instructions carefully and compliantly. You will also need to check your boundaries regularly.

More information is available from our friendly staff right now, so please don’t hesitate but get in touch today.

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