Fencing Contractor Brisbane

Northside Fencing is Brisbane’s most trusted premier fencing contractor.

From quote to fully compliant completion, we are the fencing contractor of choice for every residential, commercial, industrial, government or institutional requirement on Brisbane’s northside. Our unparalleled passion for what we do means can meet all of your design, manufacture, supply and install needs, while delivering the best customer experience there is on Brisbane’s northside.

Custom solutions to your fencing needs

As Brisbane’s premier fencing contractors, thinking out of the box is just in a day’s work.

We have earned our enviable reputation through truly expert advice and service that ensures you receive the best products and services for your fencing needs. Our highly experienced staff listen carefully and provide you with personalised, tailored advice about the best options and solutions for your fences and gates, including ideas that you may not have considered or even been aware of.

True professionals, all staff are ambassadors for Northside Fencing. We keep abreast of all the industry trends, and are constantly expanding our knowledge of all aspects of the trade, from materials to legal compliance and all points between.

We are proud of our range of products and encyclopaedic knowledge of fencing and gating solutions, whether that is timber, glass, aluminium, steel and brick and stone or other materials too numerous to mention. We guarantee we will astonish and delight you with our product and service options and commitment to the very best in customer service, including follow-up and maintenance.

Premier fencing contractors in north Brisbane

As Brisbane’s premier fencing contractors, Northside Fencing’s service promise is to exceed your expectations and delight you.

What you can expect from us:

  • the highest quality materials and finishes at the best price
  • superior manufacturing and precision workmanship
  • conscientious service delivery at all stages: advice, quoting, planning, manufacturing, installation, cleaning, maintaining – and smooth coordination of all stages
  • first-rate customer service: excellent communication skills, old-fashioned courtesy, punctuality, and keeping you informed at all stages of the work
  • going the extra mile, including ensuring temporary solutions, such as for pets, while we work
  • exceeding your expectations with fences and gates that will not only do the job and preserve or increase the value of your property, but be a delight for you to behold.

Contact us today for the best experience on offer in Brisbane’s northern suburbs for fencing contractors, Northside Fencing.