Fencing Contractors

Northside Fencing: Brisbane’s fencing contractor of choice

For quality of materials, expert workmanship and outstanding customer service, you just can’t beat Northside Fencing.

We’ve been the go-to fending contractors on Brisbane’s northside for a quarter of a century now. We are proud to say that our reputation precedes us. We have legions of happy and loyal clients not only across Brisbane’s northern suburbs, but around the entire greater Brisbane area, the Moreton Bay–Caboolture area, the Sunshine Coast and indeed across the whole of south-east Queensland.

The secret of our success as fencing contractors

First up are our staff. True professionals, they have a combined experience that simply can’t be equalled in the trade. We will listen to you carefully, paying attention to your needs, tastes, practical considerations and budget, and come up with perfectly tailored solutions that are guaranteed to delight you.

We are prompt, professional, knowledgeable and courteous – everything, in short, that a fencing expert should be. Our staff are hand-picked for their first-rate communication skills, which means we promise to not only suggest ideas, solve problems and give expert advice, but to coordinate operations to a tee and keep you informed at all stages of the work to be done – all with a smile.

The OTHER secret of our success as fencing contractors!

Our other secret … is also no secret. We are proud to offer simply the best quality and variety of materials and first-rate workmanship, every time.

So ,whether you are considering brick, glass, timber, Colourbond, stone, aluminium, chain, wrought iron or any of our other materials too numerous to mention, we have got you covered. Fences or gates, the superiority of our product along with the encyclopedic knowledge of our staff, will convince you that you simply cannot go past Northside Fencing.

Northside Fencing: Contractors who go the extra mile

We will ensure your satisfaction guaranteed, every time. Northside Fencing are your fencing contractors of choice, who will not just do the job, but preserve or increase the value of your property, and ensure that your fences and gates are beautiful and built to last.

Contact us today for the best experience on offer in Brisbane’s northern suburbs for fencing contractors, Northside Fencing.