Eco Friendly Fencing Options

We are seeing an ever increasing movement towards creating eco friendly options for a variety of products across industries in order to preserve the earth’s environment for those to come. Northside Fencing supports this movement and for this reason thought we should take a look at some eco friendly fencing options for your home or business that will not only look great but last a long time without any negative impact on your surrounding environment.

When looking to install an eco friendly fencing solution we have to look at a few factors. The first is as mentioned above, the impact of the fence on its surrounding environment. We can also examine the materials used to build the fence and also the process used to turn those materials into something we can use. With these factors in mind let’s take a look at what options are available to us and why they are a great choice for both your backyard and the environment.

Using Recycled Source Materials

Recycling is a great way to help the environment in general and this is also the case when looking for materials to build our fence with. Recycled wood, bricks and other materials can be sourced so you can get the right look for your yard.

When looking to recycle certain materials there can be some extra work required in order to make it last as long as possible. While using recycled materials is great there is little benefit if you are having to replace it every few years. In some cases the materials might need to be treated in order to make it suitable for weather conditions and sunlight etc.

What About Modular Walls?

Modular walls feature an EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) core which can be recycled wrapped in a fibre cement skin for durability. The modules are created as demanded meaning little to no excess and the manufacturing process itself is both sustainable and environmentally friendly. All things considered modular walls are a great idea for those looking to not only install a fencing option that is manufactured using sustainable methods but also one that requires little maintenance which in turn creates less demand for resources in general.

Old Reliable: Colorbond Fencing

The fact that many different fencing requirements can be met by the one product speaks volumes and when looking to get an eco friendly solution for fencing Colorbond again raises its hand as a contender for best in slot.

Colorbond steel is 100% recyclable which means even when it is time to move onto a new fence you can rest easy knowing you are not contributing to landfill. The manufacturing process also involves zero waste which means you know there is minimal environmental impact before it even arrives at your home. The company that produces Colorbond, BlueScope, is also committed to making the product even more sustainable as time goes on.

The other factor towards determining the sustainability of Colorbond is its resilience once installed. Less washing, less repair and less materials used in general regarding the upkeep of the fence means less impact on the environment.

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