Fencing law

Good fences make good neighbours

We all want to both be a good neighbour and have good neighbours.

Most of the time, neighbourliness comes easily, or at least can be readily managed with goodwill and common sense. That good relationship will stand you in good stead when the time comes to discuss fencing issues – and Northside Fencing will stand you both in good stead when it comes to quoting for fences, building them, mending them, or giving you expert DIY advice.

Fencing rights and responsibilities: What the law says

Fences that divide most residential properties are owned equally by the two neighbours. That means you should talk it over with them early if you are starting to think about any changes or additions to existing fences (such as shade sails, lattice work, canvas or signs), and get their written consent.

If you are building or replacing, each of you is liable for half the bill. Work must not commence before you have agreed on all the details. The Queensland Government provides a document called Notice to Contribute for Fencing Work that you can use to set out the work to be done in detail and financial contribution of each party.

The law says you must obtain at least one quote, but it is a courtesy, as well as common sense, to obtain two. If your neighbour thinks they are too high, they can obtain another one. At Northside Fencing we will do our utmost to equal or better any current written quote.

If you’ve cultivated a good relationship with your neighbour all this should be plain sailing. Still, it helps to know your rights and responsibilities under the law. Dividing fences are covered by The Neighbourhood Disputes (Dividing Fences and Trees) Act 2011. You can also download a handy, plain English government factsheet that sets out your responsibilities under the law.

Northside Fencing: Keeping neighbours happy for over 20 years

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Our staff are here to help with every aspect of the decision-making that goes with changes to existing fences or the construction of new ones. We offer a genuinely huge range of fencing and gate supplies that are sure to please.

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