Dog Fencing to Keep Your Pets Safe

Containing your dog is key to ensuring your pet’s safety as well as the safety of other animals and people in your neighbourhood. Dog fencing is a great way to ensure your dog can’t stray too far while still enjoying the great outdoors. The right fencing can give you the peace of mind to let your pet outside when they need to do their business or just feel like a run without constantly worrying they’re going to escape.

But with so many kids of fencing and breeds of dogs how do you choose a dog fence right for you and your pet? With this simple guide, we’ll help you choose a safe and secure fence for containing your dog.

Choosing The Right Size

However big your dog is it’s important to consider their size and the size of their jump. There’s not much point in installing dog fencing if your pet can easily jump over it. It will depend on your breed of dog but as a general rule start at 1.2 metres high for small dogs, 1.5 metres for medium dogs, and 1.8 metres for big dogs. If your dog loves to dig you’ll also need to consider how deep your fence will go into the ground. Deep or concrete footings can be a great way to prevent potential tunnelling escapes.

Climbing Prevention

Dogs can be very clever escape artists when they want to be. There are plenty of videos online of various dogs climbing over fences their owners thought were secure. Your fencing design is key to ensuring your dog can’t simply climb over it. Chainwire fencing by its design is full of little footholds your dog can use to escape. Fences with lots of horizontal beams also have the same problem. Flat panels for your dog fencing are going to offer the best climb-proofing.

Dogs Love To Chew

Whether it’s a chew toy or your fence dogs love to chew anything and everything they can get their teeth into. Choosing a sturdy dog fencing solution that can’t be chewed through is important. Steel or aluminium fencing are great options for preventing chewing. Whether your dog is an escape artist or just loves to chew you may want to avoid wooden fences. Some dogs can chew through a wooden fence in a matter of hours. Chewing can also weaken wooden fences, where palings and slats can fall off.

Block The View

Dogs love to explore and being able to see all the things they’re missing out on can lead to a frustrated dog more likely to attempt escape. Whether it’s other dogs, people walking by, stray cats or native wildlife, if your dog can’t see it they won’t want to chase it. It also means passing dogs or children can’t aggravate or upset your dog either. Depending on your dog and how they react to the outside world, solid panel fencing like Colorbond can help your dog feel safer and calmer in your yard.

dog safety fence
dog fence
dog fencing

Dog Safe Design

You want your dog fencing to keep your pet safe so it’s important to ensure your fence isn’t a hazard itself. If you’re considering palings or slats it’s important to consider the gap between pieces. They need to be close enough that your dog can’t wiggle through but also wide enough that they can’t easily get their paws or other parts of themselves stuck. Depending on the size of your dog you may need to consider gaps so small they can’t get anything stuck or a solid panel. Even if you’re sure your fence is tall enough and there is no way your dog can climb or jump over your dog fencing, for safety, avoid pointed designs like traditional picket and palisade fences.

Making Sure Your Dog Doesn’t Want To Escape

As good as dog fencing can be it works much better when your dog isn’t actively trying to escape. Boredom is a huge factor for dogs attempting to escape. Making sure you understand your dog and their breed is key to giving them the right kind and amount of entertainment they need. Making sure there are plenty of interesting toys and giving your pet lots of attention and exercise will help stop them from wanting to escape in the first place.

Dog Fencing from Northside Fencing

With decades of experience and expert advice, Northside Fencing can help design the perfect fencing solution to help keep your pets safe. If you’re looking at adding dog fencing to your property contact us today.