Automatic Gate - Hinged automatic gate with Rendered block work with 150x150 hardwood timber post inserts


When it comes time to build a new custom fence. There are many things that need to come into consideration.

• Where is the fence? (front or back)
• What is the purpose of the fence? (security or decorative or perhaps both)
• What type of material do you want to use? (timber or metal or perhaps a combination)
• What type of gate do you want? (swing gate, sliding gate, manual or automated)

As you can see putting up a custom fence does need thought however it is not a daunting process and can Be quite fun to design a distinctive and unique feature or boundary fence which serves a dual purpose of protection and feature.

Let’s consider and elaborate on each area for a moment:

WHERE IS THE FENCE? (front or back)
This one is probably the easiest to answer. Are your replacing an existing fence or building a new fence. Will the fence be located in the backyard in which case it will most likely be a security fence and maybe a simplistic approach such as a neat timber fence or COLORBOND Steel or NORTHBOND Steel fence will suffice. Or perhaps you are building a front fence where more thought into design and appeal needs to be considered.

WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THE FENCE? (security or decorative or perhaps both)

Are you looking for a security fence which will afford protection and privacy for you, your family and pets? In this case you will be considering a fence that is strong with a minimum height of 6 foot (1.8m). You may want something cannot be seen through giving you a private space to escape from the world.
Perhaps you are after a decorative fence in the front yard. In which case you don’t need to go very high perhaps 3feet (90cm) or 4 feet (120cm) in height. You can play around with style and fashion mixing in different elements, materials and products to create warmth, a rustic feel, a contemporary feel or perhaps a blend of something truly unique.

WHAT TYPE OF MATERIAL DO YOU WANT TO USE? (timber or metal or perhaps a combination)
Are you looking for a custom fence which will be low maintenance once erected i.e. no painting required? If so, then perhaps a metal or primarily metal fence will be suit your purpose. Once erected a metal fence requires very little maintenance just an annual gernie to keep it look fresh and clean.

If you don’t mind a little maintenance, then perhaps a blend of timber of metal. Once installed the metal requires annual gernie cleaning and the timber if your wish to seal or paint needs application every couple of years. Timber fences can be low maintenance if you are not looking to paint or stain the time and allow it to age naturally.

The advantages of using either of these materials is that they are both termite resistant. To add to the resistance, you can opt for metal posts rather than timber posts increase the life span of your fence.

WHAT TYPE OF GATE DO YOU WANT? (swing gate, sliding gate, manual or automated)
The final piece of the puzzle to create your piést a résistance is the gate. You can blend your gate in to match with your fence. Or you can go all out and place a contrasting gate that demands attentions and screams look at me. The options are endless turning what was once a drab and unappealing affair into a sense of art.

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