Northbond Fencing


COLORBOND Steel Fencing is probably one of the most popular fencing styles for all times. In the past it was expensive and used sparingly. With the reduction in prices it is making a real resurgence over the last decade. COLORBOND Steel fencing has so many features and benefits which surpass timber fencing which has also contributed to its popularity.
You can’t get any more termite resistant than an all metal fence. With the inclusion of metal posts, you are guaranteed a fence that will stand the test of time.


COLORBOND Steel produces is fencing in a number of panel profiles. This gives home owners even more flexibility in selection.
To add a little drama and architectural flair to your fence line consider adding in one of COLORBONDS fencing inserts. There is a variety to select from including lattice look and horizontal slats. When combined with the typical fencing panel profiles and in a colour of your choice you will have a unique fence.
With the great range of colours, panel profiles and inserts there is fence style which can be combined and adapted to suit any lifestyle. When working with COLORBOND Steel fencing materials convention can be thrown to the wind. Follow you heart and give your home a truly distinctive feature that allows it to stand apart from neighbours. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the options COLORBOND Steel fencing offers you.
You can turn the panels and run then horizontally, vertically or even diagonally. For flair add in the inserts, perhaps vertical panels or even timber to give some warmth and texture to your fence. The only limitations with COLORBOND Steel Fencing is your imagination.
For all your COLORBOND Steel Fencing products and installation contact Northside Fencing your local experienced stockist, supplier and installer of fencing across Brisbane.

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