Choosing the Right Gate For Your Home

Choosing the right gate for your home is an important decision that requires thought and planning to get the perfect result. Whether you’re concerned about privacy, security or street appeal there are several important factors to consider.


While you could get a custom gate made out of just about any material you want there are a few standard options to consider. Different materials may suit the look of your home better or feature certain qualities you’re looking for. Aluminium is a popular choice for gates as it is lightweight and naturally rust-resistant. Usually used in simple and sleek designs and available in a range of colours aluminium gates fit in easily with modern home designs. Steel is a heavy-duty and durable option for higher security applications. While naturally susceptible to rust there are many coatings available to protect the steel and add colour and durability. Timber is also another common choice. With natural and painted finishes, timber is highly versatile and blends in around homes old and new. Different timber choices can affect appearance, longevity and maintenance requirements so it’s best to seek specialist advice when choosing the timber for your gate.

Swing or Sliding Gates

Another thing to consider is how you want your gate to open. Space limitations are often the biggest factor when choosing the right gate operation style. Swing gates are best suited to flat ground and need room to swing open. Sliding gates are a more versatile option for large entries like driveways. Where there isn’t enough room for a swing gate a sliding gate can be a great solution as they open and close laterally along the fence line.

Automatic or Manual Entry

Manual gates are always going to be the cheapest option, but they can be inconvenient and not always the best for security. Depending on priorities, the location and purpose of your gate manual entry may not be for you. If you’re considering an electronic system there are a few types to choose from.

Remote control gates work the same way as remote control garage doors and are a convenient option for driveway gates. With a remote control fob kept on your keys or in a convenient place you have easy access day and night. Keypad gate controls are a great option if you worry about losing a remote control. Because you just need to know the code they have more flexible access options for friends and family, but for security, it’s important to ensure the code isn’t easy to guess or written anywhere nearby. Intercom and buzzer control for your gate is a more high-tech option. Usually paired with swipe card or keypad access, intercom and buzzer controls allow you to speak with and see who is at your gate and remotely unlock the gate to allow them access.

If you are considering an electronic gate entry don’t forget about the motor. The material and whether your gate swings or slides will change the kind of motor you need. Generally, swing gates need more complicated mechanisms to open the gate properly and reliable compared with sliding gates. The material and overall weight of the gate will also inform how powerful the motor needs to be to move it. You can also choose to connect the motor to your home’s mains power or use a solar-powered system.

the right gate
choosing the right gate

Choosing the Right Gate with Northside Fencing

With a massive range of quality brands as well as our custom fabrication services, the team at Northside Fencing can help find the perfect gate for your home. With years of experience, our team offers full installation and DIY products to customers across North Brisbane. Whether you know exactly what you want or still need advice, contact Northside Fencing for a free assessment and quote on the perfect gate for your home.