Chain Wire Fencing

Chain wire fencing: a backyard favourite

Chain wire fencing has long been a familiar sight in Australian backyards. Also known as cyclone fencing, diamond-mesh, wire netting or chain link, it is a type of woven link fence made from galvanised steel wire.

This kind of fencing can also include a green or black PVC coating, and householders choose it as it is versatile, easy and economical to install, easily extended and very durable.

Chain wire: a fence for all commercial purposes

chain wire fencing specialistsThe ubiquity of chain wire speaks for it being an ideal choice for efficient and economical fencing around a very wide range of types of properties. It is widely adopted for an astonishingly diverse range of commercial and government properties, where it is often the definitive and automatic choice.

It can be installed on surface profiles of all kinds, and is readily relocated and extended, making it ideal for factory enclosures, building sites and temporary protective fencing.

At Northside Fencing, we also frequently recommend and install chain wire fencing for many sporting purposes: cricket practice nets, tennis courts, archery clubs, rifle ranges, football and soccer fields and other sporting grounds.

Chain wire is often the fencing option of choice for very serious purposes. Northside Fencing’s corporate and commercial clients have included schools, airports, the military, prisons and commercial warehouses.

Northside Fencing: Your chain wire experts

Northside Fencing staff are proud to offer highly regarded credentials in meeting legal requirements and other strict standards and guidelines. We can assist clients with meeting any relevant compliance legislation and will install fences that meet the most stringent inspection standards.

We have the capacity to manage large-scale projects and our factory in Burpengary can manufacture chain wire fencing for any scale and for type of purpose. Our factory handles PVC as well as powder coating, and a competitive range of additional security features, including barbed wire, spike wire and razor wire.

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