Chain Link Fencing & Rust

While chain link fencing can be a fantastic option for your fencing needs it is commonly associated with rust. At Northside Fencing we have noticed this to be an issue in chain link fences that have been poorly manufactured using materials that do not respond well to the elements. So what can you do to prevent chain link fence rust?

Northside Fencing supply chain link fences made from both Galvanised steel and PVC coated steel. Galvanised steel is made to be corrosion resistant while PVC coating protects the inner steel wire from exposure to weather. By using these materials you reduce the chance of rust appearing significantly however there is a chance a small amount of rust can still occur.

Reducing Rust On Your Chain Link Fence

The first step in protecting your fence is simply carrying out regular cleaning on it. Over time your fence will accumulate dust and dirt from winds and with these elements come materials that cause corrosion. By giving your fence a regular clean you not only remove these potential threats but also get the chance to inspect it and catch any small patches of rust.

Cleaning is an easy process and all you need is some detergent and warm water. If you happen to find small patches of rust along your journey then there are a few steps you can take to remove it before it becomes a bigger issue. If it’s a small amount of rust you can use steel wool or fine sandpaper to remove it. It is a simple process that doesn’t take long.

If the area has a large amount of build up then you may need to use specialised solutions to have it removed. Northside can advise you on the best option for you in terms of what chemicals or products are best used to solve your rust build up.

Preventing Rust Build Up

Sometimes the best defence is a good offence and this is especially true of rust prevention. Even though the chain link fences we provide are made from rust resistant materials over time all fences can succumb to weathering. By applying products that protect and stop the spread of rust or even a coat of paint you can help prevent rust taking hold and both extend your fences life and keep it looking great for years to come.

Being proactive in general is the best way to avoid rust. Regular inspections of your fence will reveal areas that need your attention. If your fence is made from PVC coated steel and has sustained damage recently then it should be inspected for cracks or breaks in the coating. If you are unsure about your fences condition then give Northside Fencing a call and an expert can advise you on the best course of action.