Brisbane Pool Fence Regulations

If you have ever been in Brisbane during the summer then you know how hot this city can get. Temperatures climb to punishing levels and for the vast majority of residents a pool is the only respite from this insidious heat.

The amount of homes with pools in Brisbane has been climbing over the years with around 20% of residents enjoying a dip in their backyard. While this is an incredibly enjoyable privilege it also comes with responsibility. An unsecured pool is not only extremely dangerous, especially with children around, but it is also illegal.

The Brisbane City Council dictates pool fencing regulations that are designed to keep everyone safe while enjoying a dip. Despite these regulations being in place in cities across the country the sad fact is drowning continues to be a leading cause of accidental death in children under 5 in Australia.

Even more concerning is swimming pools account for half of all toddler drownings. According to the Royal Life Saving National Drowning Report of 2020, 62 Queenslanders perished by way of drowning from 2019-2020. Of these 12 were children under the age of four and half of these deaths occured in home swimming pools.

In an article by the Brisbane Times it is brought to light that one in four Brisbane pools failed basic pool safety checks carried out by the Brisbane City Council in the past 12 months. This alarming figure has spurred lord mayor Adrian Schrinner to call on all pool owners across the city to check their pools to make sure they adhere to safety standards.

pool fence regulations

Pool Safety Register

A little known fact is that all pools across Queensland need to be registered with the pool safety register set up by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission. A failure to register your pool with the QBCC can result in a fine of up to $2,611. This register holds records of all pools in Queensland as well as contact information for licensed pool inspectors and pool safety certificates.

The Pool Safety Standard

As we mentioned above the Brisbane City Council has created a pool safety standard to help owners establish a safe environment around their new or existing pool. The standard covers everything you need to know regarding fence height, materials that can be used and what objects can be surrounding the perimeter. You can view the pool safety standards for Brisbane here.

Brisbane Pool Fencing Experts

Part of the pool safety standards, perhaps the most important part, is the pool fence. Every pool, even inflatable ones, has to have a fence. This is the number 1 preventer of drowning deaths in relation to swimming pools and making sure your pool’s fencing is up to code is of utmost importance.

Northside Fencing are specialists in the design and construction of pool fences across the Brisbane region. Our fencing experts are able to provide a range of options in both material and style while keeping everything up to code. This means you can have complete peace of mind that your new pool fence is not only going to look great but it will adhere to the strictest of safety codes which keeps you and your family safe, both from harm and liability.

Contact Northside Fencing today on (07) 3491 4100 to discuss your pool fencing needs with one of our fencing consultants or you can get in touch with us online.

brisbane pool fence regulations