Automatic Gate - Custom designed swing gate


When it comes to decorative fencing the sky’s the limit. You have read about and seen an abundance of images of stylish and distinctive fencing for all styles of homes and now it’s your turn. Don’t fret about the decisions you make in regard to choice. Follow your heart and see where it takes you in tems of design. The advantages in today’s fencing market is that there is a plethora of fencing styles, materials and options which can be used individually or combined in any fashion, randomly or systematically to produce a unique fence which is solely yours.

Decorative fencing goes hand in hand with custom fencing. Typically, you will never see the exact style of fence or combination of materials anywhere no matter how hard you look.  This is the beauty of going freestyle and allowing your creativity to take the lead. When you allow your mind and inventiveness to guide you, you will be amazed with what you can up with.


The best way to start when you are deciding on a fence is obviously with the purpose of your fence.

  • Does it need to fulfil a dual purpose of decorative and security or is it purely for decorative purposes?
  • What height are you looking at?
  • The colours are an important consideration as this can determine the types of materials you select?
  • Are you looking for modern, contemporary, funky, way out there, rustic, country or a combination?
  • What type of look are you after?
  • Do you want significant posts that create constrast, creating impact and drama on their own or perhaps you want the fence to be the focal point?
  • The size of your fencing project?
  • And finally, your budget.

If you are not very creative in your own right, take inspiration from fences which appeal to you. Consider why they appeal to you and what elements you like. Perhaps there is opportunity to mix and match some of your more favourite fencing styles into your own masterpiece.

Decorative fencing does not have to conform to convention!  This is the beauty of it. You do not have to follow rules unless they are stipulated in covenants, etc. You will unmistakablly create a piece of art which will quickly become a talking point with neighbours creating interest and receiving comments.

Northside Fencing specialise in all styles of fencing and we love the creativity and flair which can be incorporated into decorative fencing designs.

Contact us today to discuss your ideas, view our large range of materials and see how effortlessly they can be combined into a truly epic fence catering to all your needs.

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