Timber Fencing In South-East Queensland

Timber fencing is one of the most utilised fencing solutions across South-East Queensland. Known for its versatility and natural look, timber fencing is a great option for both decorative and privacy fences, with plenty of options to suit both. Timber also presents budget friendly solutions that not only look great but also stand the test of time, only increasing its versatility as a fencing solution.

Making sure you have high quality material is incredibly important when it comes to timber fencing. We have one of the largest timber yards across our region, sourcing quality timber from nearby mills in Bundaberg and Northern New South Wales. We can supply timber fencing contractors or DIY tradespeople with options for pickup or delivery. All of our timber fencing solutions are manufactured at our factory located in Burpengary.

Timber Fencing Options

All our timber is CCA treated – a necessary preservative measure to prolong the life of your timber outdoors. Our fencing and gates are made from quality raw materials and finished in such a way that it will endure the weather, sunlight and heat.

Timber Paling Fence

A timber paling fence is perfect for fencing along the property line due to the privacy it affords. Typically higher than other timber fencing options, paling is low maintenance and able to stand up against the elements. The natural look of timber makes it perfect for lining the back yard and it can compliment landscaping. You can choose from a range of different timbers to truly make something different, complementing your home’s existing aesthetic.

Timber slat fence

Slat fencing uses horizontal boards instead of the vertical ones found in paling. In slat fencing the boards will typically be spaced apart and this width can be determined not only by the overall desired look but the amount of privacy you would like the fence to give. Timber slat fencing is a decorative option that looks great and can be used alongside other materials such as concrete or bricks to create something truly special.

Timber picket fence

Perhaps the most well known fencing option, a picket fence is a decorative option that is perfect for framing your beautiful garden while keeping trespassers away. Picket fences present an elegant and traditional feel which is perfect for the many Queenslander homes throughout our region. You can choose between a number of different tip options including Windsor, Tulip, Osborne, Regency, Half Round or Point.

Timber Gates

Timber gates are available in a variety of designs depending on the desired level of security you want the gate to provide. They can be made with a combination of materials including steel or aluminium to introduce variety in design but also to reinforce them. From code locked security gates through to smaller entry gates for picket fences, we can construct the perfect timber gate to suit your home’s existing fencing.

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Proper Installation Of Timber Fencing Is Vital

Timber fencing is incredibly resilient but its lifespan can often be determined by how the installation was carried out. In order to have a timber fence that can stand the test of time and stand up against the elements you need an experienced, professional fencing installer. Our fence installers all possess a wealth of experience which affords them invaluable insights into what works and how to get the best possible outcome when installing your timber fence.

We have been building timber fences across South-East Queensland for decades now and our dedication to providing the best service possible has led to us becoming one of the leading fencing contractors across our region. We supply and install timber fencing to commercial and residential clients and have proven that we are a fencing contractor that can be relied on to get the job done right.

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