The elegance of glass

The elegance of glass

At Northside Fencing, glass is elegance itself.

Pool fencingAlthough glass is a technology that is almost as old as human civilisation itself, dating back to 3500 BCE in Mesopotamia, as a pool fencing solution it is the height of modernity.

All pool fencing types share the goals of setting the pool off from the house, being compliant with all relevant safety standards and, of course, looking good. Glass fencing is no different, and for many it is the definitive choice, with its sleek modernity, stylishness at competitive prices, and certifications to meet Australian safety standards.

Fencing glass is specially reinforced for toughness, and comes in fully compliant panels of either 10mm or 12mm thickness.

Depending on your preferences, it can come framed, or for a close-to-invisible look, unframed. Either way, it is visually unobtrusive and often a great choice for people who wish to preserve an “unfenced” appearance for their spaces.

Glass fencing can also be a very flexible choice. A premium fencing product, it is suitable for just about any fencing application, and readily purposed through custom sizing.

It can look just as good setting off parts of a backyard as it can side-mounted to concrete pillars of an Italian-style villa. There is almost no choice more flexible, elegant and safe.

As a stunning poolside option, the choice is crystal clear.

Northside Fencing can talk to you further about options for a glass fence for your pool. Contact us today on the number above for more information and a free quote.

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