Revolutionary Termite-Resistant Fences

You’ve just spent money on a brand new wooden fence. It looks fantastic, does the job and you move on to the next project on the list. But a few months later, you take a look and – termites!

As well as drastically affecting the integrity of your fence, it’s an eyesore and potentially expensive to treat.

Northside Fencing knows all about pests. Carpenter ants, Carpenter bees and of course, termites. They can take hold surprisingly quickly and turn your pride and joy into Swiss cheese.

There are numerous ways to try and tackle termite infestation, all with varying degrees of success. Knowing what kind of termites have taken up residence is important to know – Subterranean termites, Dry Wooden termites and Moist Wooden termites all have individual ways to ruin your fence but how to deal with them? Fumigation? Baits? Liquids?  

South-east Queensland’s Northside Fencing has been dealing with the problem of termite infestations for over twenty years. As one of the largest and most respected fencing companies in the State they have built a reputation based on price, service and expert knowledge in their field and they discovered the solution is not to cure, but to prevent.

Their proprietary process – Termite Buster is a combination of steel posts with treated pine railings and palings in a modern finish. They have perfected the blend of H4 treated timber with steel posts matched with eye-catching design that produces a fence that is aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting and importantly – termite resistant – guaranteed.

So if your fence is in need of an upgrade, don’t chance it, install a Termite Buster Treated Fence from Northside Fencing. They’re durable, attractive, and mature magnificently. Find out why 100s of satisfied customers don’t chance the Queensland climate and soil and have Termite Buster Fences by Northside Fencing, Queensland No. 1 fence experts.  

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