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For over 25 years Northside Fencing has been the Logan City fencing contractor of choice for businesses and residents throughout the area. Offering a complete range of fencing solutions including timber, Colorbond, glass and slat, we aim to provide the best in both service and quality labour in order to make sure our fences stand the test of time.

Our wealth of experience within the industry means we can consult with you to determine the best course of action and provide invaluable advice as to what materials are the best for achieving your fencing goals. Our factory is located in nearby Burpengary which means we can provide custom fencing solutions that are second to none.

We Are The Leading Logan City Fencing Contractor For The Following Types of Fence:

timber fencing logan city

Timber Fencing

The traditional fencing material is a timeless classic that is both versatile and budget friendly. All timber fences we install are treated to make sure they can withstand the elements and the natural beauty of timber means you can choose to paint it to match your home’s existing aesthetic or leave it as is. Timber fencing also presents a number of styles to choose from including slat, picket, palings and board.

colorbond logan city

Colorbond Fencing

There are few names more synonymous with fencing than Colorbond. The Aussie legend has a well earned reputation as a tough and resilient fencing option that will stand up against the fiercest elements our Summertime storms can throw at it. The coating not only provides a wide range of great colours to choose from but protects the inner steel from corrosion which is a key concern in areas close to the coast such as Logan City.

glass fencing logan city

Glass Fencing

Glass fencing is a great option for both internal and external fencing. It allows you to preserve your view while providing a sturdy boundary which makes it perfect for both elevated landings and pool fencing. Frameless glass fencing means you can enjoy an “infinity” feel which makes glass a great material for homes with a modern look and the versatility of this fencing option is often understated.

slat fencing logan city

Slat Fencing

Slat fencing is becoming more and more popular and for good reason. Slat fencing can be made with both wood and aluminium depending on what your needs are. It can be set up in both horizontal or vertical configurations which makes it a great choice for a feature fence. Details such as the spacing between slats give you some room to play which means you can really put your mark on it and make something that is truly unique.

chainwire fencing logan city

Chainwire Fencing

Chainwire fencing is a great option for commercial properties and any area that needs a large amount of coverage. It is cost effective and able to stand up to both the elements and would be trespassers. While it is commonly used for commercial purposes the option to coat chainwire in a variety of colours and the open feel it provides have seen it being used more and more in residential fencing solutions.

pool fencing logan city

Pool Fencing

Queensland legislation mandates that all pools be fenced in order to prevent the unnecessary drowning of young children. Our team is extremely well versed with this legislation and can provide a range of options that not only adhere to regulation but will enhance the overall appeal of your pool area. Popular choices for pool fencing include glass and aluminium due to the increased visibility they afford.

garden fencing logan city

Garden Fencing

When choosing the perfect fence to frame your garden special care needs to be taken to ensure it compliments your hard work. While a natural material such as timber can be a great choice for a picket style fence another option that we see a lot is tubular or square aluminium due to the open feel it provides which means people can enjoy your beautiful garden. Accents at the top of your fence can further enhance the elegance of your yard.

entry gates logan city

Entry Gates

All of these fencing types are great but there is little use if you can’t get in and out of them. We supply and install entry gates for both personnel and vehicles including automatic entry gates. Our entry gates are designed to perfectly compliment your style of fencing and our massive range of parts including rollers and motors means we can also design and manufacture custom entry gates for large commercial operations.

Northside Fencing: Your Logan City Fencing Contractor

If you need a fencing solution that you can rely on we encourage you to give Northside Fencing a call on (07) 3491 4100 to talk with one of our fencing consultants. We offer obligation free quotes and our reputation means you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you have the best Logan City Fencing contractor on the job. Your satisfaction is our primary concern and we are confident you will enjoy the results for decades to come.

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